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Mary Rembowski , My Dear Friend, Entrusted me as her Health Care Surrogate and I had the heartbreaking task of fulfilling this role in her life. Mary Rembowski had a Huge love for all of Earth's creatures. She helped the homeless people as well as abandoned pets in her neighborhood. She volunteered at Miami Dade Animal Services, helped transport many pets to Rescues on both Coasts as well as holding down her job with the Research Dept for Miami Dade School System. She gave of herself unselfishly to so many Precious furkids and the Humans who tried to save them, so these furkids could experience human love and care. She was a Huge part of Pekes and Pals, all the furkids loved her. She also helped many other rescue organizations, both physically attending Events to watch over the pets and teach proper pet care and donating supplies that were so badly needed by the Organizations who had pets in their care. She is sorely missed by so many people in the Rescue Community, but I know she is in the company of so very many precious furkids who were waiting for her to join them and play with them. I see her, in my heart, happy, healthy and playing with the furkids in a Lovely place on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest In Peace My Dear Friend,


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Ron Caldwell has Graciously donated his inventory from his now closed shop. 100% of all sales go to Pekes and Pals. You can use your credit card even if you aren't signed up on PayPal. This goes directly into Pekes and Pals account. As of now there are Vintage Handbags (some originally cost $300-$400). Also there are Porcelain Dolls, one of which is a Cabbage Patch Doll that originally cost $350. All items are Authentic. All items were previously owned and are in mint condition. Please click on the Gift Shop icon in the left column. Remember all purchases are considered donations and may be Tax Deductible.

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We believe that each abused or abandoned animal, no matter its age, appearance or condition, deserves a life free of abuse, starvation, disease or forced breeding. Somewhere there's a responsible, loving family ready to give the rescues in our care a home filled with lots of love, plenty to eat and the assurance that they'll never be beaten, neglected or used to make babies for profit ever again. Our job is to match that guardian angel with their perfect companion.
We rescue dogs of all breeds, not just Pekes, and care for them in our homes until we can find new families for them. Every rescued dog is examined by a veterinarian. They receive all their shots, are checked for heartworms and put on a heartworm preventative. They are neutered or spayed before placement with a new family. If we are unable to find a suitable home for one of our rescues, they remain at Pekes and Pals for the duration of their lives. We never euthanize a rescued dog simply because no one else wants him/her.

The rescued Dogs at Pekes and Pals are housed in private homes and they are not offered for viewing until and unless your adoption application is approved; and then, only by appointment. Once you are approved you will be invited to a "meet and greet" session. Taking the time to get acquainted with the dogs usually results in a desirable, and sometimes unexpected, match. The dogs make it abundantly clear who they want to go home with, so don't be surprised if you leave with a dog other than the one you came to see! If you don't feel that special bond with any of the dogs on your first visit, you are welcome to come back as many times as needed, by appointment, to find that special dog.

Many of the dogs we rescue have medical problems resulting from abuse and/or neglect and require medication and/or treatment. Regretfully, we must charge an adoption fee, but the fee set for each dog is the minimum amount required to cover veterinary services.

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